Our Joint Companies Our Joint Companies

Air-freight Offering services for Air freight Export and Import, FOB, Door to Airport, Door to Door. Handling the DGR cargo, Commercial Cargo, Personal effect items. Our Air Freight division has grown steadily in the last few years. Our team handles all kinds of specialized cargo such as priority cargo, perishables, oversized and fragile items. Our air freight services are offered from every major international airport and from hubs across the world. We even book chartered flights to destinations across the world to service each and every need for our clients. We have established separate branches and partnerships overseas for maximum reach. Our clients always benefit from the convenience of dealing with a local representative. With our integrated service offerings, we offer full documentation and insurance services, customs clearance, warehouse space, and further transportation as required. We ensure that the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective transport cycles are maintained, while ensuring the secure delivery of our air freight goods.

We have connected with most of airlines. We are one of the few selected cargo offices by Civil Aviation to install Scanning Machine at our warehouse that permits to ship packages and consignments without undergoing double and complicated checking and inspecting the cargo at airport.


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